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Zugluft plays twisted folkmusic for the 21st century

With the accordion, violin and clarinet/bass clarinet, Zugluft kidnaps the willing listener and exposes them to a stunning, inner cinema.

With a great appetite for experimenting, the three musicians continualy develope their surprising, acoustical music. Taking delight in jumping polyphony, delicate improvisations as well as in odd rhythms, driving basses and wild waltzes, Zugluft invents a modern, musical fairytail.

Zugluft`s international folklore is a marriage of klezmer, rock, tango, jazz, minimal music and a great deal of free spirit.

Zugluft, Andrea Kirchhofer, Violine

Zugluft, Bruno Strüby, Klarinette

Zugluft, Jonas Guggenheim, Akkordeon

Andrea Kirchhofer, violin (born 1985)

Started off playing classical violin, followed by a career as a street musician in France and Ireland, where she joined the duo Guggenheim / Strüby.
2008-2014 she studied jazz violin at the University of the Arts in Zurich, Master degree 2014.
Her focus is on folk music, experimental rock, jazz and improvisation, and she performs as a theater musician.
2015, Andrea was chosen for an annual grant of the Aargauer Kuratorium, Switzerland.
Currently she plays with Zugluft, Atrium, Herbert Kramis`Guadalcacin, the Sheds and Les Lilas Marseille.
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Bruno Strüby, clarinet and bass clarinet (born 1973)

Has been playing the clarinet for over 30 years.
He has explored many musical styles such as
Klezmer, Jazz Manouche, swiss folklore or free improvisation.
The sound tinkerer Strüby is not only a multi-instrumentalist (playing bass clarinet, clarinet
and string instruments such as banjo, mandolin, mandola) he is ever a true renaissance man:
After his training to become an electrician,
a carpenter and a tailor, he now works as a freelance fashion designer at Deflorin & Brun in Zurich.
He`s a member of Zugluft, Les Lilas Marseille and folk group Naturbreit.
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Jonas Guggenheim, accordion (born 1978)

Has been playing the accordion since childhood. After some detours to Accordion Orchestra and Conservatory, his fascination for folk music took him on extended travels to Romania, Finland and Ireland.
For the last 15 years, he has been experimenting with Strüby, merging various musical styles to create the distinctive sound of Zugluft.
Jonas Guggenheim performs as a theater musician and has made arrangements of children's songs (including for Gerda Bächli).
He is currently a freelance musician and composer and plays with Zugluft, Les Lilas Marseille, the Sheds and Doppelbock.
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